This report presents the outcome of a transnational, participatory strategic foresight process – Policy Kitchen – organized by the Open Think Tank Network and in collaboration with The Youth Café, on futures of human mobility for 2050. Our bottom-up process, with over 100 participants from around the globe, has produced a wealth of visions. Download our podcast series, narrating possible futures for 2050 for our five fictitious personas that guided our process. By taking an anticipatory approach, we envisioned possibilities outside the usual policy narrative – with tangible results. Our four crowd-sources policy action areas are based on three alternative futures, possible versions of the world in 2050, and set the political course of the preferred futures today.

This report presents the output of a transnational participatory process – Policy Kitchen – organized and implemented by the Open Think Tank Network and dedicated to the question: What should a feminist foreign policy look like in the 2020s? 

This bottom-up process with over 180 participants from five continents has generated a wealth of relevant policy recommendations for decision-makers in international affairs. The recommendations for a comprehensive feminist foreign policy (FFP) are presented in five thematic chapters, which emerged during the process: Intersectionality and Representation, Health, Safety and Autonomy, Environment and Climate Change, Peace and Security and the Economic Sphere.